Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Cancun, Mexico

Gastric Sleeve, or laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy surgery, is a new procedure aimed at giving patients a permanent tool for weight loss. Gastric Sleeve Surgery is a bariatric procedure that aims to provide the expected weight-loss of gastric bypass, while combing the less invasive nature of gastric banding.

Gastric Sleeve achieves weight-loss by cutting the stomach into a sleeve shape and removing about 80% of the size, which helps patients feel fuller sooner. This restrictive procedure, does not many any changes to your intestines, and requires little effort post-surgery. This new procedure, however, lacks long-term data about the efficacy and the results - which should be taken into account.

Hospital Facilities for Gastric Sleeve

Cancun, Mexico has several hospitals that facilitate bariatric surgeries. Amerimed Hospital Cancun and Clinica Victoria are two state-of-the-art hospitals that feature talented bariatric surgeons.

Cost of Gastric Sleeve in Cancun

The cost of gastric sleeve surgery can be as high as $25,000 in the U.S., which is why so many from Canada and the United States are opting to undergo the surgery in Mexico. By having the surgery in Cancun, Mexico, patients can save 75% to 65% of the cost they would expect to spend in the United States.

Contact our staff immediately if you're interested in undergoing gastric sleeve surgery, our helpful staff will answer any of your questions and help direct you to the appropriate bariatric surgeon for you.

Take Aways of Gastric Sleeve Surgery:

  • No Changes to the Intestine.
  • Requires no further adjustments - a permanent solution.
  • Wide-range of dietary options for the patient.
  • Surgery is new, with less long-term studies done on patients.
  • High expected weight-loss, as with RNY gastric bypass.